Tuesday, 27 November 2007

It's Not All About Me...

Since the beginning of New Moon's time I have built up the "personability" of the business. I have made the business an extension of myself. I know all my clients personally, treat my staff like family, I put my own face on a bag of cookies. On another level, I work ridiculous hours because this business is "an extension of myself".
Lately I notice that my approach is limiting.
Here I am putting heart and soul into making this business grow, for the sheer desire of fulfilling a vision. And I'm trying to do it all myself - my marketing strategy is to "offer myself" and people will somehow know to buy New Moon cookies because I'm such a nice young lady.... ha ha.
Or - my clients will continue to purchase from New Moon because they know Eden. Or - my staff will work here forever because I'm a great boss... etc etc
So if I have to keep everyone and their mother happy all the time - how in the heck do I grow my business??
What I'm noticing is that the business itself - New Moon - is outgrowing this personality. it's much bigger than me, and furthermore it wants to do its own thing. I can only liken it to a teenager whose mother wants to go to a party with it. Not cool...

So New Moon is not me, and I am not New Moon. I'm just one element in its development.
What's the key then?? I now believe that in order to have a successful business that does not suck my life-blood from me, I must create a neutral container. Wait, it's coming.... A SYSTEM!

A system in which many can shine and excel - not just one. A system which allows New Moon to stand on its own and be marketed for its own excellence.
A system which does not rely on my round-the-clock presence for success.
Of course this is an ego battle - my ego has thrived on being so damn important in my business, it's given me self-worth.
But let's face it - it's sort of unhealthy to be co-dependent with a business...

Tuesday, 20 November 2007


If there's one thing I can count on, just one thing, it's that things change. Just when I'm in a cosy pocket something happens to propel me out of cosiness.
I am starting to get used to the idea that while a business offers security, it doesn't go without a price.
When New Moon was a partnership, it was more about me. A Partnership is much like "a partnership", and I would say it's similiar to having a baby; you're both responsible for it and it doesn't do much outside of what you provide for it (like, a baby can't get up and walk around and do its own laundry).
When my partner left the business I decided to incorporate. Thus birthing an "entity". It makes sense for legal and business reasons. It also gives more potential for growth.
What I have learned about owning a corporation is that it IS its own entity, it CAN walk around and do its own laundry and make friends and all that. It can also decide its own fate. I know that sounds strange but it is the truth for me.
A corporation is the ship, it's the vessel, the vehicle. And yes, I am the Captain.
Last week the boat changed its course. There were factors involved, the winds, the weather - but I would say that the Ship also had a sense about a new direction. This was unbeknownst to me, its captain. Just all of a sudden, we were moving in a new direction. My job - well, my job is to move forward, to follow my instincts, and to let my ego take a seat.

The moral of this whole story is that the only way to prepare for change is to know that it's bound to happen. Be open to it. Accept that it may not be what I "had in mind", but if a business is strong enough, has been "raised well" it will know better than you where it wants to go. The key is to be able to listen to what it wants.